Affordable Treatment…Does it Exist?


This subject is not a myth, but getting treated of an addiction can be expensive, but in the end it is worth every penny and save you your life.  Affordable treatment is available to those who are needing and wanting to kick some bad habits out their lives for good.  There are a few factors that will have an influence of the cost of treatments that includes, the type of addiction treatment, duration, and the types of services that are requested/needed.

Type of Addiction Treatment

The major influence of the cost of treatment will depend on the type of treatment that is chosen.  Cost of inpatient will be more than outpatient, as well as, luxury rehabs will cost greatly more than standard rehabs.  Some standard facilities may accommodate children or pets, where others may not.  Majority of the greatest drug treatment programs in the world are offered by standard drug treatment centers with very few or no luxury amenities.

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The time that a person will spend at or in a treatment will impact the cost.  Short-term treatments will be cheaper than long-term treatments.  Each individual will have different progressions through treatment.  Time spent in treatment will all depend on the type and degree of the person’s addiction and their needs.  Someone addicted to heroin may need more time with treatment than someone addicted to cocaine.  There is research that indicate that people need at least three months in treatment to really reduce or stop their usage and longer treatments will result in higher positive outcomes.


Services offered during treatment will add to the cost of treatment.  Rapid detox and pharmacotherapy are services that will increase the expenses.  Some facilities will offer spa services, like therapeutic massages and acupuncture to personal training sessions.  Some centers may offer private rooms, four-star meals, and types of amenities that may be offered at luxury hotels.

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Finding Affordable Addiction Treatment

How do you find an affordable addiction treatment?  Resources are there to help anyone to be able to undergo an affordable addiction treatment.  These resources can help lower the cost or completely extinguish all costs of treatment.

  • Health Insurance: Some people’s insurance will cover part or only medical detox and medication.  To get a better understanding if your health insurance will pay any amount for your treatment.  Some insurance companies will have their policyholders pay a copay or deductible.
  • Government Assistance:  Low-income individuals may be able to qualify for government assistance.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will provide great information on getting assistance.  Call 1-800-662-HELP or visit them online.
  • Medicaid: Low-income individuals may also be able to qualify for free or affordable addiction treatment through government programs.  To find out if you qualify for Medicaid or any other government assistance, contact your local assistance office or state’s department of health and human services.
  • Sliding Fees and Personal Financing: Addiction treatment facilities may offer treatment without insurance with sliding fee or offer personal financing.  These offers may be influenced on expenses, household sizes, and overall financial situations.

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Is Addiction Treatment Affordable?

YES!  Anyone and everyone is able to find an affordable addiction treatment!  If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction from drugs or alcohol, you cannot afford to not look into a way to be freed from the addiction.  Another factor to throw in there is to think about the savings from the amount of money spent on the substance.  The amount of money saved from legal and medical costs, as well as money increasing by actually going and increasing work productivity.

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You do not have all the money in the world to be able to find an affordable treatment, only the will to get better!  The cost of your treatment will depend on the type of treatments you are looking for, the length of treatment, and the types of services you are looking for.  There are resources out there and people willing to help you find those resources.  If you are looking for a way to get away from an addiction, please contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health calling 866-758-1152 or visiting us online

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