‘Curiosity’ ads go up around St. Louis


They always do say curiosity killed the cat. Driving through the St. Louis area, have you noticed a dead cat billboard? Good, because it a part of NCADA’s Curiosity and Heroin Campaign against heroin!  KSDK’s Christina Coleman, reports about the campaign. Also, check out the campaign here.

The ads are part of $120,000 campaign to stop heroin use. The St. Louis Chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse put up 33 dead cat bus ads and about 11 billboards as part of its “Curiosity and Heroin” campaign this summer.

The billboards and bus ads can be seen all over the region, from Jefferson County to St. Charles County to the city of St. Louis.
The theme of the campaign is “Curiosity Killed the Cat.”


NCADA spokesperson Jared Opsal say curiosity often leads to drug use.

“They’re curious about the new looking drug,” he said. “Heroin now comes in a capsule, instead of what people are thinking of as heroin using a needle.”

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