The dangers of Alcohol and substance abuse!


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Alcohol and substance abuse are two problems that are incredibly common among all age groups and people from all backgrounds, both on their own and in combination with one another.

Alcoholism is a problem that leads to around 88,000 deaths on its own each year, and deaths related to alcohol are the fourth-leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. This doesn’t even take into account the deaths resulting from a combination of alcohol and substance abuse.


People who struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction frequently use other substances as well, which may include prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or illicit street drugs. When multiple substances are combined, it amplifies the risk of adverse side effects, as well as overdose and death.Alcohol and substance abuse that occur together are often referred to as polydrug abuse or polysubstance abuse, and for someone who regularly engages in the mixing of alcohol and substances, it’s referred to as chronic polysubstance abuse.

According to research, a significant amount of visits to the ER related to alcohol were because it was combined with other drugs. The drugs most commonly mixed with alcohol are marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

Also commonly combined with alcohol are prescription drugs including opioids and sedatives.

There are a few reasons someone might suffer from both alcohol and substance abuse simultaneously. It might be something that starts without intention, or for some people, it’s done as a way to heighten the desirable side effects of the substances being taken.

Below are some of the results of pairing alcohol with other commonly abused substances:

  • Cocaine and Alcohol: When someone abuses cocaine and alcohol you’re mixing something that’s considered a stimulant (cocaine) with a depressant (alcohol). Depending on the person this can lead to reduced effects from both substances, or heightened effects. With that being said, when you take cocaine and alcohol together it can increase your chances of experiencing heart-related issues or death.
  • Alcohol and Opioids: It’s no surprise that America is facing a troubling opioid epidemic, and alcohol is one of the substances often combined with opioids like heroin and prescription pain medicines. Both alcohol and opioids are depressants of the central nervous system, making this an incredibly dangerous combination. When you take opioids and alcohol together, it can slow your respiration and central nervous system functionality to the point that you overdose and die, much more quickly than if you just took alcohol or just took opioids alone.
  • Alcohol and Other Prescription Drugs: There are many other prescription drugs that are very dangerous when paired with alcohol. For example, sleep medicines, sedatives and antianxiety medicines can all lead to death when mixed…

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