Four heroin OD’s in 1 hour in St. Louis County ER


Here in St. Louis, we are dealing with a monster! In one ER they had four heroin overdoses! Please read Casey Nolen for KSDK have reported about yesterday’s news:

Starting around noon, the doctor and his team saw four heroin overdoses in less than one hour. Doctors say three of the patients came in from the House Springs area in Jefferson County and the fourth from the Mehlville area in St. Louis County.

All four survived, and doctors credit the overdose antidote Naloxone that they say was administered by paramedics with helping to save their lives. But they are concerned that the spike in overdoses is a sign there is a more dangerous drug being sold in the St. Louis area.

“No one knows what exactly is in this drug that they are buying,” concurred Jared Opsal with the St. Louis chapter of the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


Opsal says in the St. Louis region more people are using heroin and more are dying because of it. He says the drug killed 400 in the region in 2014. It’s a number that has steadily climbed over the past four years.

In this last legislative session, three bills were considered he believes would help fight heroin by monitoring prescription drugs, giving immunity to anyone calling 911 for an overdose and making an overdose antidote available to more people. All three failed in the legislature.

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