Hiding in Plain Sight IV


In this article of hiding in plain sight we will be looking at the more obvious paraphernalia and what drugs are associated it. The whole article can be found at actondrugs.org where they have a large compiled list of illegal drugs with information on each one.

Most people consider drug paraphernalia to be pipes, bongs and syringes, but it can be many things. It can be ordinary items used to disguise or hide the drug or things used to consume the drug. Aluminum foil, small ziplock baggies, pill bottles, spoons, film canisters, cigarette packs, hide-a-cans, makeup kits, gum wrappers, mint tins, liquid breath mint containers, or small glass vials are types of paraphernalia. Parents need to be aware that these kinds of things are either used to conceal the drug or a way of using the drug. Paraphernalia means drug user.


The following is paraphernalia associated with the use of specific drugs:

Just a few examples of what Ecstasy can look like


  • pacifiers, lollipops, mouth guards for grinding of the teeth
  • glow sticks, surgical masks and mentholated rubs to over stimulate the senses
  • water bottles used to bring in alcohol or liquid drugs like GHB, LS


  • rolling papers, small baggies, stash cans, film canisters, tins and roach clips
  • deodorizers, incents, potpourri to disguise or mask the odor of marijuana
  • pipes –metal, colored blown glass, ceramic  large bongs
  • brown dryer sheets – kids’ stuff them in an empty TP roll and exhale smoke into it


A general picture of what meth can look like

  • small plastic baggies
  • small cosmetics bags (to keep paraphernalia in)
  • pocket knives
  • Q-tips
  • Cut straws
  • Pocket torches
  • Glass pipes
  • Razor blades
  • Mirrors



  • tubes of modeling glue or super glue
  • empty spray cans, small CO2 cartridges
  • plastic & paper bags, balloons, tops cut off of liter bottles
  • bottle or cans with pens or tubing punctured in the sides


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