How To Prevent a Hangover


Do you know what the best way to prevent a hangover is? Being sober. Many of us hope to avoid a painful hangover caused by a night of partying and drinking on New Year’s Eve, but only the strong are successful. Being sober during New Year’s can be a difficult task with so many around you drinking well into the new year, but the reward of being hangover free is priceless. Just take a look at what you’ll “miss” by being sober:

1. The Black-out. Most will inevitably wake up completely clueless as to how they got where they are, or what they did last night. It’s the ping of worry that no sober person will miss.

2. The Regret. When they finally find out the activities from the night before, the regret sinks in. Things become a little less hazy and the realization of calling an ex, getting into that fight, or letting someone down is strikingly clear.

3.The Headache. That awful headache that is brought on by the dehydration the body is feeling only adds to the rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and fatigue they’re already feeling.

4. The Vomiting. Then there is the nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting. Need we say more?

5. The loss of a day. While trying to cure the day after blues and trying to tend to a hangover many people don’t realize they have lost an entire day. That’s time that they will never get back and as we all know, our time is precious.

Feel better about your decisions now don’t you? So know you know how to prevent a hangover! Pass this knowledge on and remember that the best way to prevent a hangover is by being sober. For support in your recovery efforts contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health today at 866-758-1152.


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