Is Drug Treatment Covered by Health Insurance?


Your health insurance may cover part of your drug treatment. However, majority of the time the entire cost of drug treatment may not be covered by insurance. Your insurance company would provide you with all the information you need to understand if drug treatment is covered along with your out-of-pockets payments might be. Majority of health insurance companies will require policyholders to pay a portion for their own treatment in a co-pay or deductible.

Co-pays vs Deductible

Co-pay is a low set amount of payment that you will need to pay directly to the treatment facility or doctors. Your health insurance company will pay the reminder of the cost. Deductibles require you to pay for your treatment up to a certain amount for the year before your insurance will begin to pay for coverage. For some people that could cost up to $5,000 they will pay before their insurance company will begin to help pay for treatment.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Treatment?

This all depends on your health insurance company. Some policies cover only specific treatments. They may even put a limit on their reimbursements to certain amounts of repayments. Others may pay for medical detoxification or medications. To get a better understanding what your insurance covers, you should discuss your benefits by directly contacting your company and request informational packets.

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No Insurance?

Drug treatment is not consider being very cheap and could be very costly without insurance. Even with insurance, treatment could be costly and hard to afford. In the event of not being able to afford treatment, most treatment facilities will offer payment arrangements.

Need Financial Help?

Finding financial help to cover the costs of drug treatment without any health insurance is very difficult. However, there are resources that can help lower or eliminate the cost of getting help.

  • Sliding Fees: There are drug treatment facilities that will offer treatment to those without any insurance and charge them based on what they could pay at a reasonable payment. It could be determined on the person’s income and influenced on expenses and household size.
  • Government Assistance: If the person has a low income they may qualify for government assistance to help pay for drug treatment. Call or visit SAMHSA treatment locator hotlines for more information on government assistance for getting drug treatment.
  • Personal Financing: Some drug treatment facilities will offer personal financing on treatments for either all or some of the cost. The person will have to make payments back to the facility until it is paid off.

Financial Counselors

There are drug treatment facilities that will have financial counselors who will work with patients to check insurance benefits and help designing a financial plan.  Whether or not the facility is a nonprofit or for profit there are available funds for the cost of treatment.  These counselors have a great knowledge of network benefits and ability to find available aid and to work with insurance companies to be used with insurance benefits.

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Why Treatment is Cheaper than Using

That’s right!  If you or your loved one says using is cheaper than rehab is wrong!  Think about it, despite the price of drug treatment compared to the continuing use of drugs is extremely cheap along with improving life and overall health.  Health and legal problems will continue to increase.  Tolerance will increase and so could the price, because the dealer knows they are willing to pay whatever amount.  Getting help can melt the snowball and ending addition will cost cheaper in the long run.

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If you or a loved one is seeking drug treatment and would like to know if your health insurance covers the treatment, please contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health today by calling 866-758-1152 or visiting us online  There is help.

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