Jail Poised To Give Vivitrol To Heroin-Addicted Inmates


fox 28 reports-

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is ready to give Vivitrol to inmates battling heroin addiction.

“Right now our community is suffering with this heroin epidemic And if we can take one step forward, help a little bit, it’s foolish not to try that,” said Sheriff Colleen O’Neill.

Vivitrol blocks the high that people who are addicted get from using heroin or other opiates.

The drug will only be given to specific inmates who volunteer for the program.

It’s something officers hope will help keep inmates clean after leaving custody.

“If we can help some of these people stay off of their addiction, you save the community, you save the individual, you improve so many lives,” said Dr. David Rosner, Jefferson County Correctional Facility doctor.

One critical part of the program is what happens to inmates using Vivitrol after leaving the jail.

That’s where Credo Community Center steps in to help inmates continue their treatment.

“So we’re hoping to make that transition smoother for them and to provide some counseling support as opposed to relying on their drug use to get through that challenging time,” said James Scordo: executive director of the Credo Community Center.

Vivitrol will be given to chosen inmates a few days before they are released.

Officers with the jail have identified at least 3 inmates so far who are eligible for a dose of Vivitrol.

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