Narcan-Resistant Heroin Hits United States


Ohio valley reports-

A new form of heroin is hitting the US and it’s laced with a type of fentanyl that can be resistant to the life saving drug Narcan.

While the new drug has not yet hit the Ohio Valley, it’s getting close.

Authorities in Pittsburgh say that they have seen a few cases.

According to the DEA, Acryl Fentanyl is being manufactured overseas, smuggled into the US, and mainly sold on the web.

The DEA said there have been two overdose fatalities in Western Pennsylvania, with one of them in ButlerCounty last November, and one in Beaver County in January.

According to the DEA, it serves no legitimate purpose.

“It’s a Schedule I drug, so this one has no medical use at all. At all. So it’s here illegally,” said DEA Special Agent David Battiste.

According to the DEA, 613 people died due to overdoses in 2016.

80-percent of them were fentanyl related.

Acryl Fentanyl comes in powder form, and looks similar to fentanyl.

Even a narcotics expert could not tell the difference with a naked eye.


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