New Synthetic Drug, Flakka


There is a new and uprising synthetic drug hitting the streets hard here in America, called “flakka,” or “gravel.”  Media is calling this new drug craze “the insanity drug” and “$5 insanity.”

What is “Flakka”?

Flakka is stimulant drug, in the chemical class of cathinones, and with the effects of amphetamine-like of Molly and Ecstasy.  It has been reported in Ohio, Florida, and Texas.

This new drug can be crushed and snorted, swallowed or injected.  Some users may become very sick and instantly addicted.  There are some cases where the user may act insane or die from the drug.

It has been sold and fooled users as under the name, “Molly,” but the users do not know the potency of flakka.

The drug is dose specific, a little goes a long way and increase the intake could lead to very serious effects.

What does it do?

Flakka is consider to be a cheap high, that can last for three-four hours, and can be consumed for several days at a time.

The drug gives boosts of physical strength similar to other stimulants and can cause aggressive, violent behavior.  In high doses, body temperatures could rise as high as 105°F.  Other health risks to the heart and life-threatening kidney failure.

Other side effects could cause the user to be confused and distorted though process.  Some may become paranoid and believe that they are being chased by something.

Here are a few news articles explaining some bizarre stories and more details about the effects of flakka on the users:

Fla. man high on flakka sexually assaults tree, says he’s God, tries to stab cop with badge pin: police 

flakka“Ran naked through the streets, sexually assaulted a tree, called himself God, called himself Thor, tried to stab a Brevard police officer with the pin from his badge, and twice pulled out the probes from a Taser gun after being jolted with high voltage.”  Read more here.

Paranoia-induced Florida crime wave fueled by ‘flakka,’ a cheap synthetic drug more potent than ‘bath salts’  (VIDEO)

flakka“Streaker Matthew Kenney, 34, was sent for psychiatric evaluation Saturday after Fort Lauderdale police chased and finally subdued him. He told cops people were chasing him and took his clothes — and that he smoked flakka before experiencing the terrifying hallucinations.”  Read more here

Flakka: New Synthetic Drug Is More Potent Than Predecessors

flakka“Indeed, flakka has fueled a recent, bizarre a spate of public behavior, all occurring in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On April 4, a man who had smoked flakka ran naked in the streets, claiming people had stolen his clothes. In March, a man on flakka impaled himself on a spiked fence outside the police station. He survived. In February, a man on flakka tried to kick in the police station door, claiming cars were chasing him.”  Read more here.

“Flakka” is Latest Synthetic Drug to Worry Experts


“Hospitals in South Florida are admitting 20 new patients a day for Flakka abuse, Hall told Fox News. “One of the reasons we think alpha-PVP is such a problem is because it is extremely dose-specific, and even just a little dose will give a person the desired effect they want,” he said. “Just a little more can create a number of serious adverse effects to the point the user doesn’t even know.”  Read more here.

This new drug, flakka, is a very serious substance and could possibly be here in our own community!  If you like to speak with someone about addiction, substance or alcohol abuse, or even about seeking recovery treatment, please contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health by visiting us online at: or call us at 866-758-1152.

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