Police concerned about possible Flakka use in St. Louis area


In April, we discussed about a new synthetic drug, flakka, hitting Ohio, Florida and Texas. KMOV along with our CEO, Mike Morrison, have reported that flakka is going to be arriving in St. Louis by next year.


Experts say the street drug causes “excited delirium” in which the user hallucinates and exhibits bizarre irrational behavior. Some describe it as more powerful than heroin or cocaine.

“If you hear about a drug gaining a foothold in another part of the country it will invariably be here in St. Louis in the next year,” said Mike Morrison with Bridgeway Behavioral Health.

Videos of people supposedly on flakka have circulated around the internet. The drug is also known as Gravel and is imported from China at cheap prices. It often comes in a capsule or powder.

“It can be ingested in anyway, it can be swallowed, snorted, smoked, vaporized, or shot up,” Morrison said.

Morrison also said flakka does not show up on a drug test because its makers constantly change its make-up.

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Hopefully this drug does not arrive here in St. Louis. If you have any information about this drug and would like to share any please contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health visiting www.bridgewaybh.com or calling 866-758-1152.

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