Super Bowl PSA


This upcoming Sunday, February 1, 2015, is the Super Bowl!  It is going to be full of football, food, friends and family, good times, and commercials!  The Super Bowl is one of biggest U.S. sport events and one of the most important events for companies to shine!  This year NCADA will air a Super Bowl PSA!

Super Bowl PSA

This PSA is to help raise awareness of the heroin/opiate epidemics killing the young people in St. Louis, and even in U.S. and Europe!  It will be broadcast locally in St. Louis on KSDK-Newschannel 5.  The PSA portrays a young man skipping practice to use drugs, as his mother comes home, she sees his practice bag and is really confused.  She then calls for him and runs up to his room to see her son overdose.  During the entire synopsis, a female singer sings and plays a guitar while narrating how he started and ended his drug use.

Shock Factor

Shock Factor is an advertising tactic to create an emotional connection.  They are to evoke the emotion of shock in order to create attention.  Some people will view it as offensive or scary, but to another it will render to them as creative or life changing and that equals the success.

This video uses this tactic and will have a polarized response as it already does.

“I believe so strongly in this PSA, the message it sends and the powerful way it sends it,” said NCADA’s Executive Director, Howard Weissman, “that I’m prepared to weather the storm. However I expect it’s going to get a little bumpy along the way for us, so please wish me and NCADA luck. This, and what follows from it, will save lives.”

The Super Bowl PSA is to help save lives from not only from heroin, but from all substance abuse!  Good luck NCADA!  Please view this video and share it everywhere!  The word needs to spread to save!

If you know anyone addicted to heroin and prescription pills please do not hesitate to contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health at 866-758-1152.

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