The Benefits of Alcohol & Drug Treatment Around the Holidays


Many of us like to think of the holidays as a time of family and togetherness, but when a family member is abusing alcohol or drugs, the holidays can become a time of struggle and stress.

Stress levels tend to run high during the holidays and substance abuse becomes more prevalent, which can amplify negative behaviors. Many families who are dealing with a loved one who suffers from an alcohol or drug dependency may have learned to dread the holiday season.

If this sounds familiar, the greatest gift you can give someone you care about – is recovery. Having someone go through an alcohol or drug treatment program over the holidays can help them get their life back on track for the coming new year. This may seem harsh on the surface, but a closer look reveals many reasons why the holidays are actually the best time of year to be in treatment.

5 Benefits to Entering Treatment Over the Holidays

1 Temptation.

The holiday atmosphere is conducive to over-indulging. This makes it more important than ever to seek the support and structure needed to remain sober.

2 Statistics.

There is a higher incidence of drunk driving arrests as well as fatal accidents and overdoses during the holiday season. Being in treatment offers a safe environment.

3 Communication.

Being sober facilitates healthy exchanges with family members who may have been hurt or part of a destructive cycle in the past

4 Practical.

During this time of year, many people have already met their insurance deductibles and some find it easier to take time off of work or school.

5 Reset.

This may be the first of many holidays where a person has remained sober, giving them the chance to begin a new tradition of sobriety.

When a loved one is in treatment, families also find a certain peace knowing someone they care about is in a good place. One of the most important things for many people and their families is knowing this can be a new start at celebrating the holidays together where everyone is safe, sober and happy.

If you have a friend or family member that you think may be struggling with some sort of alcohol or drug abuse problem, please encourage them to get treatment. They may simply not know where to get help or what first step to take. If you aren’t sure about the first step to take, I want to share a few good places to start. You may not realize it, but a Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center, located right here in Aurora provides free consultations and resources to help you better understand substance abuse and answer any questions you may have. Or you can visit us┬áto connect and to learn about the substance abuse treatment options available in our community.

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