This Teen Overdosed and is Now Awake Again and Starting a New War on Drugs.


Fox News reports,

A teenager who some said would not survive after a heroin overdose, is going home from the hospital.  Now the former star athlete will focus on just trying to walk again.

18-year-old Brayden Travis looked like he might never respond, when we brought you his story in March.  His mom Kelly Miller, usually private about her family on Facebook, posted about his heroin overdose and how he struggled with drugs for years.  350,000 people shared their story.  Then Travis woke up.

He exclaimed, ‘I`m about to go home.’

Miller added, ‘It`s nice to be able to interact with him and have full conversations with him.  He knows what I`m saying and that’s just amazing to me.’

Travis continued, ‘I think it`s awesome. I`m really lucky.’  He overdosed on a cocktail of heroin and Xanax March 5th, 2015.  The people with him reportedly waited hours to call 911.

This teen is luckier than you can ever imagine. After sustaining brain injuries due to the inability of the people around him to get him to the hospital he is lucky to even be alive. He is now using his life experiences to talk to those younger about why they should not get involved with drugs. The problems that come about because of them. He really tries to stress the high is not worth the risks which he can speak to first hand. Take his advice to heart and stop while you still can or, better yet don’t get started on it in the first place.

Getting help before overdose is totally preventable, please contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health at or call us at 866-758-1152.

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