What to Expect in Detox


So, you may have read the Do I need Detox? and understand that you may need to go through a drug detoxification.  However, you are not completely sure that you may actually want to go through the detox and may have concerns on what is actually going to happen to you.  Please do not have any fear, Bridgeway is here!

Detox and Withdrawal

During detox, your body is going to undergo a process of withdrawal to allow your body to adjust and get rid of remains of the drug that you are addicted to.  Every person and every drug will have varying results of withdrawal.  Some people may need to go to a detox center where professionals can help you ease the symptoms and get the help you may need while going though detox.


The first actually step is actually going to a detox center and going through the intake process.  A therapist is going to help you with your recovery and ask you about your drug history and prior usage.  It is very important to be completely honest and thorough with your therapist, because they will devise a treatment plan that is specific to your individual needs  You may have blood work down to determine what substances and the amount is in your bloodstream.  You also be evaluated for any co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, and if you may have any mental/behavioral problems. 

detoxYou may be assigned to a room and given a tour of the facility or visa verse.  A counselor may help you unpack your bags and to check to make sure you did not bring in any restricted items or contraband into the facility.  These may include over-the-counter medications and/or electronics.  These items are held until you are ready to leave the facility.  


Once you are settled in you will begin you detox.  You will be briefed on what is going to happen and may experience while your body is getting clean and cleared of a substance.  Some detoxes may take up to several days to weeks depending on how addicted you may be or if you are suffering from more than one addiction.  Medication may be given to you to help ease the pain of withdrawal symptoms and lessen your urge to use.

You could start to experience withdrawal symptoms within 12 hours after your last usage.  Symptoms may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Muscle attacks and spasms
  • Cramping
  • Increase heart rate/blood pressure
  • Chills
  • Shakes and trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Agitation

detoxSome facilities may restrict you from contacting your family during the first portion, this is to allow you to focus solely on your recovery.  After certain milestones, your relatives, friends, and close people in your life may be able to come and give your support during visiting days or family therapy sessions.  Building a support system is very important to recovering addicts once they leave the facility.

Guiding Patient into Treatment

This is the last step of detox and it is to get you prepared for the actual recovery process.  Detox is only associated with the physical dependency of the addiction, but does not deal with the psychological aspects.

You may begin to attend group and individual therapy sessions to offer support during your rehabilitation.  You will identify and cope with triggers that may cause your drug abuse.  You may want to find a new hobby or how to get back into previous interest that are not drug related.

Group therapy is help and listen to success stories and help each other out during the treatment process.  Family therapy is to help family members identify common warning signs and develop a family plan of action if a relapse occurs.

detoxOnce the drugs are completely out of your system, you will enter a period of rehabilitation and this is where you will get treatment for your addiction. The final step of detox is actually agreeing to enroll into a drug recovery program or treatment.

Do not be afraid to undergo detox, it is the first step in intervention.  It may be difficult, but there will be medical professionals who will help you through it!  If you or you may know someone who needs to detox, please contact Bridgeway Behavioral Health by calling 866-758-1152 or visiting our site http://www.bridgewaybh.com/.

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