Steve Klasek


When Steve Klasek was hired as Bridgeway’s CFO in 1998, he committed to lending his financial expertise to the organization for the next 2 years. His goal: Establish financial systems that are scalable with the express goal of making Bridgeway financially stable and ready for growth. Mission accomplished and fifteen years later he’s still at it. Steve says, Bridgeway’s team approach at the executive level and its entrepreneurial approach in the marketplace was right in his wheelhouse and is what allowed him to complete the goals he set and also prompted him to stay. That and a heart toward Bridgeway’s mission of helping a segment of society which is largely misunderstood. As a CPA, who for almost a decade had provided financial guidance to a diverse clientele at both international and local public accounting firms; and a 6-year stint as a small business-owner of a digital imaging company operating at the height of the boom he developed some unique skills. These have translated well into a healthcare setting in an industry currently experiencing its own rapid state of change. Steve’s personal mission is to ensure that Bridgeway is poised financially so that in can be responsive in the “new” healthcare marketplace and that every available resource is directed at helping its clients reintegrate successfully into society.