Connie Jacobi

Clinical Supervisor

Connie was aware from an early age that counseling, specifically substance abuse counseling, was the field for her. In high school she became involved with the NCADA as a peer counselor, and became involved with prevention with her peers. She attended college at Saint Louis University with a BS in psychology, and then Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville for a MA in Clinical Adult Psychology.

Her entire career has been in the substance abuse field; beginning with a practicum that turned into part-time employment at St. Alexis, then working in Illinois for a number of years at Chestnut Health Systems with the Madison County, Illinois Drug Court program; then as a counselor at South Western Illinois Correctional Center in a therapeutic community.

In 1998, she began at Bridgeway Behavioral Health at the Ferguson, Missouri location as a family therapist. Her job duties have included being a family therapist, temporary site director, counselor, and now a clinical supervisor. Connie is involved in the alternative court programs for St. Louis County, and is an advocate of drug courts.

Connie’s certifications include being a Registered Substance Abuse Professional, being a SATOP Qualified Professional, being a Medication Assisted Recovery Specialist, and being certified to conduct Moral Reconnation Therapy groups. She has served on the CARF certification committees, the Quality Improvement committees, Policy and Procedure committees, and Electronic Health Record committees.