Rick Cox

Addictions Counselor

Rick just celebrated 30 years of recovery on June 25, 2014. He started attending meetings on his1st day and still attends on a weekly basis, therefore has a strong belief in the 12 step support. He started in the field in 1986 working in a adolescent program for before moving into a adult program. During that time in the adult program he also became certified to work with compulsive gamblers. Rick came to Bridgeway in 2000 to put together the current program for gamblers and their families.He continues to find his work in addiction to be very satisfying as well as very interesting. Working with compulsive gamblers and their families has widen his respect for individuals dealing with addiction and has learned first hand the many forms of addiction. Besides working in the gambling program, Rick also conducts a chemical dependency education for both the residential and out patient programs on a weekly basis. He has seen many positive changes in the addictions field over the years and looks forward to continuing on.