Jack Barnett

Site Director

Jack has worked in the fields of substance and counseling for over 28 years. His entry into the field was precipitated by his own experience in a residential treatment program in 1984. During his time in this field, he has worked as a counselor, clinical supervisor, and site director. In addition, he spent several years as an Employee Assistance Consultant and has been in private practice part-time for the past 12 years. he holds a Masters degree in counseling and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has been certified as a substance abuse counselor by the Missouri Substance Abuse Professional Credentialing Board since 1988.
The field has changed a great deal since he started out in the 1980’s but some things have remained constant. Our clients still respond best to counselors who understand their conditions and are dedicated to helping them improve their lives, while treating them with dignity and respect regardless of their history and circumstances. All of his efforts at Bridgeway have been aimed at these ideals.
Having said that, his ongoing interest in this work is stimulated by some of the recent innovations we have been able to implement, particularly with the utilization of Medication Assisted treatment. He is encouraged by the accelerating interest in practices that can be verified by objective measures and verifiable outcomes.