Addictive Disorders

Bridgeway offers treatment for addictive disorders for adult and adolescents.

Adult and Adolescent Programs for Substance Abuse Disorders

Bridgeway provides medical detoxification, residential and outpatient alcohol and drug dependency treatment. Our highly trained and experienced staff uses an evidence based treatment approach for individualized care. Our research based methodology focuses on providing our clients with the tools necessary to make better choices and increase the opportunity for a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Our programs offer up to 50 hours of group and individual therapy and education per week. Clients are encouraged to remain engaged in treatment services in a less intense fashion for as long as needed.  Our staff will assess each client to determine the most clinically appropriate level of care to best meet their need.


Adult Treatment Programs

Medical Detoxification:

At Bridgeway we recognize that withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs can be very difficult and even dangerous without professional medical assistance.  Our experienced medical team are experts at assessing the appropriate regimen needed to help our clients withdraw from alcohol or drugs in a safe and  comfortable way.  Most stays in our Medical Detoxification Program are 3 to 5 days.  Upon completion of detoxification our clients are referred to either residential care or the appropriate level of outpatient care.  Ongoing Medication-Assisted Treatment is available and provided based upon a mutual decision between the client and medical staff.

In some cases outpatient Medical Detoxification is a viable alternative to an inpatient stay.  Bridgeway staff will assess a client’s readiness for an outpatient detoxification and Medication-Assisted Treatment program that includes an individualized treatment regimen.

Modified Medical Detoxification
St. Louis City Center: 636.224.1700


Adult Residential Treatment:

Bridgeway operates residential programs for men and women who need to be housed in a safe and healthy environment while participating in treatment.  We offer separate recovery programs for men and women. Our Women and Children’s CSTAR Program enables mothers to bring their children (up to age 13) with them to treatment – which includes an on-site licensed daycare facility. Men receive residential care at a separate facility. Lengths of stay in our residential programs are highly individualized and based upon several clinical and environmental factors in a client’s life.

Women’s Residential
St. Charles Center: 636.224.1000

Men’s Residential
St. Charles Center: 636.224.1000


Adult Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient programs provide individualized ongoing therapy, education, and support for recovery.  Client’s treatment plans are based upon clinical needs, community supports, legal requirements, and motivation. Bridgeway has multiple locations as well as several time of day options in order to make access to services convenient for our clients.

St. Louis City: 636.224.1700
University City: 636.224.1600
West County: 636.224.1601
St. Peters: 636.224.1200
Warrenton: 636.224.1500
Union: 636.224.1400
Troy: 636.224.1500
Montgomery City: 636.224.1535


Bridges to Success Adolescent Outpatient

The Bridges to Success Program is designed for 13 to 18 year-old teens experiencing substance abuse problems. The program is a confidential, comprehensive, flexible outpatient treatment program for adolescents and their families. Parental involvement is an integral part of our treatment model. The program is led by licensed and certified clinical staff that specializes in adolescent treatment. This program is available for adolescents at three locations:

St.Charles County: 636.224.1051
West County Office: 636.224.1355
Olivette Office: 636.224.1300


Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP)

Our Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP) provides help to individuals who have alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses. As an Offender Management Unit, we screen and refer individuals to appropriate SATOP programs. This program is available at most of our sites.  Please contact Dennis Bond for detailed information about these programs.

SATOP Program Director
Dennis Bond: 636.224.1142


We accept most major insurance plans, Medicaid and self pay.

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