Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Services – Bridges to Success

The Bridges to Success Program combines evidence-based substance abuse treatment models with ancillary supportive services. The menu of services offered through Bridges to Success is funded through your private or public insurance policies with additional funding support from the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund and the Community and Children’s Resource Board in St. Charles County.

BBH’s strategic initiative is to create an integrated System of Care for adolescents through its In Custody Treatment and Re-Entry, Day Treatment, The Farm, Intensive Outpatient after school and ACAT programs. Each BtS program is adapted to fit what works best for the needs of the clients. Each client receives individualized services and supports. Programs are adapted from the traditional model of clinical care which is outlined here:

Level 1: Intensive Engagement. This 12-week component includes comprehensive assessment by a licensed clinician; daily substance abuse groups; individual counseling; psychiatric evaluation and monitoring; ongoing family education and therapy, life skills training, credit recovery and or educational assistance, job readiness training, career exploration and planning, trauma services; and regular urinalysis testing, when appropriate. Some or all of these services may be accessed based on each individual’s needs and treatment plan. This is an open ended level of programming allowing individuals to advance or continue based on need. The 12 week length is simply a standard but clients may access this level of intensive services as long as needed.

Level 2: Community Integration. This 12-week component includes a minimum of three times a week treatment episodes (most commonly found in the after school and summer programming) on-site relapse prevention group and individual counseling, therapeutic groups, psycho-educational groups, follow-up mentoring, family conferences, and psychiatric monitoring visits. In addition to the traditional treatment components this level will enhance the workforce development, education and pro social components for clients. Individuals will receive additional support in the areas of job readiness, job shadowing, vocational training follow up, campus visits, credit recovery or GED attainment and facilitation of pro-social environments and support systems. During this time, clients in this level of care will focus on maintaining abstinence, educational improvements, positive relationship building, job-skills and leadership development and engage in community activities that will reinforce their decision to remain drug and alcohol free.

Level 3: Aftercare. This 12-week component includes a minimum of once-a-week on-site relapse prevention group and individual counseling, follow-up mentoring. During this time, clients in Aftercare will focus maintaining abstinence and implementing relapse prevention techniques, honing life skills and conflict resolution skills.

Offering services to clients and families that are designed to meet their individualized needs is the priority and key to engagement. In home services such as: family counseling, individual counseling, drug testing and crisis intervention are available through our ACAT program under BtS.

Within the components of all levels of care evidence-based practices are integrated into services.


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