Children’s Program

bridgeway-hp-tb_05Bridgeway Behavioral Health offers the Children’s Program, a licensed daycare center, as part of our Women’s Residential program to mothers receiving treatment at our St. Charles Campus. Additionally, we offer this option to our Outpatient participants who have dependent children and need childcare while attending scheduled sessions on campus.

Our Children’s Program houses a nursery for children birth to age 2 and an adjoining classroom/therapy space for children ages 3-12. Our Frequently Asked Questions below should give you the information you need about the program. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to a staff member, please call 636-224-1000.

Children coming into the program will enter a structured environment with a daily schedule, well rounded meals, therapeutic play and interaction with counselors and teachers and parent/child structure play time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the Children’s Program is separate from treatment. There is some availability of funds through local grants and mother’s who may be eligible for daycare assistance can apply to have their children’s care covered during their stay. A detailed breakdown of costs for those paying through insurance or self pay can be discussed with your counselor or CSS.

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide all necessary items for her child.  For toddlers and preschool age children please bring extra sets of clothes as well as weather appropriate clothes for the season. For infants and toddlers mothers must provide all items necessary to care for their child such as wardrobe, baby food, formula, diapers, wipes and any other items specific to your baby. Some assistance is available for personal care items, baby and toddler supplies if needed.


8-9: Free Play
9-10: Fine Motor Skills/Outdoor Play
10-10:30: Snack
10:30-11: Story Time/Music
11-noon: Sensory/Arts/Outdoor Play


Noon-1: Lunch
1-3: Quiet Time
3-3:30: Snack
3:30-4: Free Play


4-5: Parent/Child Time
5-6:  Dinner with Mom
6-8: Parent/Child Time

Nursery – 1 staff: 4 children

Classroom – 1: staff:10 children

Children are brought to the classroom/nursery at about 7:50am to allow for everyone to get settled into the day’s schedule. The programming for the day ends at 8pm each night.

Extra support is provided to school age children to assist with homework tutoring and other school related needs.

Ideally, we prefer that students attend their home school so that their routine is not interrupted. However, they do have the choice to go to local St. Charles City schools. Transportation is provided by the school via bus or cab transportation.

While the doors are always open to mothers, you will be following a schedule developed by your treatment team which is important to adhere to. You will eat all meals with your children and spend a significant amount of time with them in the evenings.

You will need to provide your child’s immunization records , social security card and insurance cards (if applicable).

Each child has a treatment plan that is reviewed weekly if they are staying as resident’s with their mothers or bi weekly if their parent is in outpatient. These treatment plans are shared with the parent. The Children’s Program staff will also provide you with a daily sheet on the days activities and your child’s behaviors.