Evidence Based Practices


Bridgeway Behavioral Health (BBH) utilizes Evidence Based Practices (EBP’s) in all of it’s clinical work from assessment, to the various aspects within the treatment setting, to aftercare and relapse prevention. Using EBP’s in the clinical setting guarantees that clients and their families are receiving research based, tested methodologies that are proven to work specifically with substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Bridgeway’s team of over 200 employees are certified, licensed and credentialed in varied areas of expertise. Beyond the initial credentialing of counselors and other treatment professionals, staff are required to meet annual continuing education quotas to maintain their certification and licensure. This translates into a team of professionals that are continuosly learning and being exposed to new methods and research which is passed on to clients, strengthening their chance of success in beating their addiction. Addiction Science is unique in that it ties biology, sociology, and psychology together to understand the root causes and long term effects of substance use disorders.

The Evidence Based Practices used by our clinicians are adapted research based models of care that are specific to addiction.

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