Intensive Outpatient Services are focused around group therapy, group education and individual counseling with case management support. Individual counseling sessions are at least bi-weekly and Group Therapy and Education comprise of 10 hours weekly. Medication Assisted Treatment and access to Psychiatric services is available if needed.

Each level of care has some or all of the following components:

  • Comprehensive assessment of needs
  • Help for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Group therapy
  • Group education
  • Individual therapy
  • Family Education
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Medication assisted therapy
  • Nursing
  • Meditation teaching and practice
  • Journaling
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Twelve step meetings
  • Gender specific groups
  • Community support
What is expected of you?

The counselors and technicians are here to help you achieve your recovery goals. You will be presented with many tools, techniques and honest feedback of your addiction and how to recover and stay in recovery. You will be given the tools you need to create a life for yourself that is completely different than the one you were living while you were using.

The only thing we expect of you is that you pick up those tools and use them. It is up to you to come to be willing and ready to be honest, present and willing so that you can re-work and re-build your life in a way that makes you feel whole and healthy.


Levels of Outpatient