SATOP Class Locations in St. Louis

satopSATOP Programs in Saint Charles, Brentwood, Union & Troy, MO

Our Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP) provides help to individuals who have alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses. As an Offender Management Unit, we screen and refer individuals to appropriate SATOP class locations in St. Louis. This program is available at most of our sites; please contact Dennis Bond for detailed information about the programs.

SATOP Program Director
Dennis Bond: 636-224-1142

For information regarding the costs and levels of SATOP please see the Missouri Department of Mental Health Fact Sheet.

We offer SATOP classes and programs at the following locations

St. Charles SATOP Office

1570 S. Main St.
St. Charles, MO

P 636-224-1142

St. Charles Classes

Brentwood SATOP Office

2510 S. Brentwood, Ste 315
Brentwood, MO

P 636-224-1600

Brentwood Classes

Union SATOP Office

100 W. Main St.
Union, MO

P 636-224-1400

Union Classes

Troy SATOP Office

1011 E Cherry St.
Troy, MO

P 636-224-1500

Troy Classes