Bridgeway Behavioral Health is an authorized service partner of AMS Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) provides 24/7 monitoring for your higher-risk/higher-need alcohol clients. There is also an option to provide RF curfew monitoring to these individuals as well.

Bridgeway also offers SCRAM Remote Breath. This is a hand-held, mobile, wireless breath alcohol device for scheduled, random, and on-demand tests. This device is suitable for your lower-risk clients; those have earned less intensive monitoring, or clients that travel.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM)
  • CAM provides 24/7 transdermal alcohol monitoring.
  • We are able to monitor consumption of alcohol, any tampering with the device or failure to install correctly, as well as environmental alerts.
  • If House Arrest (HA) is needed we can monitor when a client leaves or arrives home, and whether the client is in compliance with a set HA schedule. This information can be reported back as needed.
  • CAM includes data analysis on every alert.
  • The program is independently tested and court validated.
Remote Breath Testing
  • This service will detect any breath alcohol and provide a GPS location of the client at time of the remote breath test.
  • We can schedule tests at specific times, randomize tests, and on demand testing as needed.
  • Clients are responsible for all fees.
  • Daily fees
    • CAM $11 per day (This includes either house arrest or no house arrest monitoring.)
    • Remote Breath $11 day
  • There are no hook up or disconnect fees.
  • All fees must be paid in full prior to removal.

Contact Us:

  • Clients may contact Bridgeway at either 636-224-1158 or 636-224-1341 to set appointment for equipment installation or for any questions in regards to the equipment.
  • They can also reach us at


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