TrailHead Camp

THC is a Therapeutic Outdoor Behavioral Health Program. TrailHead Camp is a wilderness program that we established in May of 2016  to provide  therapeutic wilderness programming in the state of Missouri. TrailHead Camps is based on Outdoor Behavioral Health which is the prescriptive use of wilderness experiences by mental health professionals to meet the therapeutic and recreational needs of the participants.

Outdoor Behavioral Health is a growing field where standard “talk therapy” models  are merged with wilderness adventures, such as hiking and rock climbing. For example, here at TrailHead Camps we use our Low Rope Challenge course to teach life skills. The course is designed to foster better communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Later, we process these challenges to apply them to their real world lives, such as family dynamics and relationships.

Our mission here at TrailHead Camps is to help bring the adventures of the mountains home to your students, working together to expose your students and young adults from any background to the unlimited potential of Outdoor Behavioral Health. Either from a guided use of our Low Rope Challenge Course to backpacking the Ozark Trail while watching the trees turn their fall colors for a weekend.

For Therapeutic Wilderness Programming, your payment options are:

  • 3 to 7 hours of scheduled programming
  • $30 per hour per participant up to 4 participants
  • 5 to 8 clients will be at a $24 per hour 

  • 18 to 24 hours of programming, single to multiple night programming
  • $250 per night all inclusive at basecamp minimum 3 clients
  • $200 per night all inclusive at base camp 5 to 8 clients
  • Any excursion or programing taking place outside of base that accrues costs will be split by participants; this includes but is not limited to:  lodging, travel, and personnel 

  • Reserved or one to one programming offering a unique experience
  • $500 Per night only one participant- your guide will establish an individual plan

  • With a guide at Upper Limits
  • $30 per client up to 4 participants up 2 hours
  • Extended times and larger group rates available as needed
  • For ½ day and full groups of climbing please contact guide

available as needed. Contact Guide for information

Skiing in Breckenridge, CO

Rafting trips

BackPacking trips


Contact Info:

Tim Carlson – Program Manger-

Amber Conners: Program Coordinator –



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